Friday, March 26, 2010

[Young, Gifted and...Awesome?]

I hate living on the other side of town - so much because it's traffic nearly made me miss this show. And boy, am I glad I didn't.

Fame starts at a young age - just ask Drew Barrymore. From the cute little girl in E.T. to butt-kicking angel. So it's no surprise that this years Young Designer category would never cease to amaze and shine. If designers like Ella Buter could start here...than any young designer with a dream can.
The show looked at 4 designers, namely: Bianca Warren, Nabella, Silverspoon and Non European.
Bianca Warren
Bianca's use of folds emphasised the fluidity of her work. Her confident technique of layering referred back to Edelkoort's "fashion will embrace the source's fluidity and airy qualities, with light-weight voiles to be cut into weightless layers of skirts".
Her range reminded me of spring's hidden secrets and summer's boldness. Her dresses hung loosely on the models bodies whilst dancing in shades of plum purple, peach orange and ocean blue.
- Don't mind me, I enjoy using adjectives, cute, convenient little things -
Bianca revived the innocence in high waisted skirts and the elegance in light-weight material.
As for Leather? Goth, biker leather is so last 80's. Bianca brought back the faded, soft brown leather and it's ability to juxtapose that of the colour black. Brown, in small quantites is summer's touch of maturity. As for the hippies' input in this? Flowers are back.
No, not the perfect five-petalled ones, but rather a detailed hint of nature.

Nabella's influence on oriental colours and prints helped this range gain its momentum. Her outfits were thinly layered to resemble that of calm rivers and peaceful streams. Her lightweight silks and finer chiffons enhanced the flow of material in a stream of fluidity. Faded colours of browns and blues brought about an earthy feel. Rich in nature's source and going back to man's origin. There was a connection between the human being and the richness in earth.
Raw, abundant and rich.
There was this fusion between structured embroidery and care-free silk that brought about a raw quality - one that's not too dry but definitely rich in intensity - yet still bringing up that hint of a summer night sky and warm gusts of wind.
Raw, to the point that the models were barefoot, and there were gem stones stuck onto their stockings - Minimalism I tell you is the way forward.

Bring on the worker's wear.
There is something so cool about Coco Chanel - and no, it's not cause she somewhat encompasses the epitome of fashion's history, or the fact that I always bring her up.
No it is her introduction of men's wear in women's fashion. Who wears the pants in this family!?
There was an abundance of french influences from pale colours to buttons and cuts.
It was like walking into the ice-cream parlour of your dreams. Pale, subtle marshmellow colours that made the mouth water and the eyes glisten. Never underestimate the power of pale creams and slighty off whites.
Nor can we forget the impact that Chanel's use of trousers have had. In Silverspoon's collection, elegance and business was brought back into fashion.
Trousers are sexy. Point.
And that government school grey?
- Don't mind me I'm at a school where uniform is the last thing on people's minds-
Yeah that too. It's sexy against white.
I kept thinking of Gatsby and his parties... those roaring twenties colours.
And then I pictured myself on the beach in Cannes....
...summer's memory of spring

Non European
The hippy hair band - more than just a way to keep back that long, long, long hair. Instead, a fashion statement. Now, take those hairbands, add in a bow and put it on steroids.
You have Non European's, (Tarien Malherbe) signature piece.
In this range there was a constant arrogant use of folds - bold, in-your-face layers and fall-away frills. Denim was brought back with a make over - no longer blue, denim was now an acid yellow. Sour and sharp. When talking to Tarien however she mentioned that the yellow wasn't planned and happened by accident - I congratualed her for that succesful accident if you must know.
There was movement in everything with cheeky cuts and light-weight folds.
Overall...I again feel, she has a new face and new seeds in the making I'll have you know

Ok I must eat now - pretty ravenous
Back Later

Paris B

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