Sunday, March 28, 2010

[And On The Third Day...]

The 14h00 Show saw the ranges from Colleen Eitzen, Soda and Terrence Bray .Check Spelling
A very casual and easy wearing group of designs might I add.

Oh and by the by, 'cause I happened to be thinking about this just this morning,
If I tend to come across Li Edelkoort Obsessed, just know that the only reason I keep mentioning her is out of shear gratefulness for what she has done to fashion. As a trend forecaster she has really helped improve the standard of our fashion at the retailers. So yes, just so you know.
Oh and all these ramblings are pure opinion - feel free to agree to disagree :)

Colleen Eitzen
What I sincerely loved about Colleen's range is that her clothes defined easy wearing in every sphere. The clothing reminded me of that which I saw the girls wearing in Greece when I went to all the different islands - which basically is what the range encompassed.
The get-out-of-the-water-slip-something-on feel.
It's easy, it's quick and super comfortable. And every now and then the random pair Converse All Stars to bring back that solid grounding and define the line between just lazy comfort and casual summer. There we hoodies and jumpers all ready to be worn the minute you got out of the water or went outside between twilight and nightfall. She used simple cotton stretch to ensure ultimate comfort. Colours of a grey melange against almost hazelnut browns.
Every now and then if you looked carefully, you'd see a thin layer of grey under the brownish black - very clever as it showed a new dimension to colour when the models walked. The clothing rippled ever so slightly as the body moved from space to space. The tops defined ease and versatility as they hung loosely over the shoulders.
From greys, to powder pinks and browns, to hoodies, pockets, jumpers, belts, folds and frills - sitting there in my clothing, I felt uneasy.
I wanted what the models were wearing - it screamed comfort to the point that I could fall asleep in it.
Colleen is setting out to make her summer majorly comfortable and easy.

Above Photo: © Planet Ivan - Ivan Naude

Here's what I have to say about designer Anna-Mari Pretorius, way to go with the prints.
Basically, she used prints like faded cartoons of cows and animals - not lots of them all like overlapping, but printed rather big on a dress. It was cheeky, fresh and radiated fun.
(see pics below if you still don't get idea)
She used draw-strings as subtle detail in that you can use it as a belt, a necklace etc. There was this fresh tangerine orange that when juxtaposed against a light, smooth grey, created this 'wow-ing' effect that brought in summer's secrets and scents. The orange was used in strips - either across the shoulder, or at the bottom of a dress. She brought in that Coldplay / Sgt Pepper's jacket where you fasten it across - Very Old School - in a good way that is.
The use of vertical lines in fabrics that ran down a dress brought in that fluidity that the dress encompassed and the structured chaos that Summer brings. (how about that for an oxymoron?)
Anna-Mari explored the art of digital printing onto natural fabric - this is where the animal cartoons come into play - which was genius because it brought about a sense of childlike innocence into this mature femininity of summer.
The printing was faded and subtle so as not to over-do the print that it became too kitch.
(if you get my drift?)
The range was also somewhat sporty and sexy at the same time.

Above Photo: © Planet Ivan - Ivan Naude

Terrence Bray
Designer Terrence Bray explored the dry colour range that we come across in our sub-Saharan neighbouring countries like Namibia. It brought about that dry African feel that was also part of a hot, desert-like summer. The colours reminded me of those found in a Pot-Puree bowl or the dusty surface of a seedpod. Khaki greens were met with rich, dry oranges and browns.
The range encompassed a raw, organic earth feel and the light, dry climates we experience in summer.
Maybe it was the Toto music - I guess the rain's down in Africa - that made me think like this.
Damn Toto.
There was an elegance that Terrence brought about in the hidden folds and sharp lines that made up the dresses. High waisted dressed with belts around the middle meant you could look both professional but easy-going at the same time.
It gave women a complete different sex appeal.

Above Photo: © Planet Ivan - Ivan Naude

Back with the Grand Finale later

Paris B

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