Monday, December 28, 2009

New York

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emerging Creatives

The emerging creative’s to watch out for are (l-r):

Anisa Mpungwe
Christopher Strong
Marize Malan
Megan Perks
Elme Bekker
Amber Jones
Celeste-Lee Arendse
Liza Benson

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A red button that is wired

The fact is we have a red button that is wired to everything. What we do is set about as to see - if when we push - the red button what the results are. So if we push on the red button wired to the rest of the universe we have – like a pebble into a pond – sent out our wave resonance connecting with the universe. We discover we can be deeply tranquil or create our own tsunamis. The idea of a tiny mosquito landing on the surface of the your pond and you having a sense of this happening is to strive for the whisper of the wind – and in fashion sometimes it’s not the tsunami, it’s the whisper in the wind that we are after – we chase and capture into a reality. Clive Rundle

Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 Trends Straight from the SAFW Runway

Are SAFW designers on par with the trend forecast for 2010 and beyond?

We have taken Li Edelkoort’s trend forecast and matched it with what the SAFW designers showed for Winter 2010. This is the result:

1. There will be more Collaboration between Master Crafter and Designer in the future of fashion – Designers using craft to create their own identity.

(l-r) Amanda Laird Cherry, Colleen Eitzen, Gugulam, Guillotine, Soda and Terrence Bray.

2. The trend to mix different textures are going to be huge - romantic soft fabrics combined with wool, knits and leather – creates a very individual look for the different labels.

(l-r) Gideon, Amanda Laird Cherry, Ephymol, House of Ole, Lunar and Sies! Isabelle.

3. There is a tremendous focus is on on detail within design and combination of fabrics to enhance it.

(l-r) Clive Rundle, Black Coffee, Loxion Kulca and Soul Child.

4. The long day dress as well as full length evening is back.

(l-r) Soda, Amanda Laird Cherry, Colleen Eitzen, and Lunar.

5. Variations of the long pants as well as shorts were features in the Winter Collections – there is a movement away from the very tight to a more loose and comfortable look. Jumpsuits and bodysuits follow this look.

(l-r) Two, Guillotine, Clive Rundle, Soul Child, Blasoen and Colleen Eitzen.

6. The over coat is making a comeback it was featured in most collections – It is a lighter in between seas on overcoat.

Ladies Collections:

(l-r) Lunar, Colleen Eitzen, Gideon, Black Coffee, Blasoen, Sies! Isabelle, Vino and Two.

Mens Collections:

(l-r) House of Ole, Narain Samy, Loxion Kulca and Gideon.

7. Bodices and dresses that leaves the shoulders uncovered – not to be confused with the bustier with lace up at the back moments we had in the past.

(l-r) Lunar, Terrence Bray, Abigail Betz and Soul Child.

8. There will be a lot of print detail on fabric – designers using print to create their specific look.

(l-r) Clive Rundle, Colleen Eitzen, Sies! Isabelle, Amanda Laird Cherry, Ephymol, Loxion Kulca, Narain Samy and Thunderstorm.

9. Masses of shear is coming through – this romantic look is huge for the next season.

(l-r) Clive Rundle, Lunar, Terrence Bray, Soda, Tiaan Nagel, Colleen Eitzen, Gugulam and Gideon.

10. Staggered Hemlines and overlapping layers creating a very interesting look.

(l-r) Gideon, Soul Child, Amanda Laird Cherry and Black Coffee.

11. Ruffles and pleats – this forms part of the romantic look that is coming though.

(l-r) Black Coffee, Soul Child, Two, Terrence Bray, Tiaan Nagel and Vino.
12. Bits and pieces of leather is coming through – this might get even get bigger for the next winter season.
(l-r) Soul Child, Amanda Laird Cherry and Colleen Eitzen.

13. Designers are using Jewel colours to create colour highlights in their Collections.

(l-r) Black Coffee, Guillotine, Ruby, Thunderstorm, Loxion Kulca, Lebo Mash, Soda, Soul Child, Vino and Black Coffee.

14. Mens Suits are detailed – Lunar showed a more relaxed version of the suit. Lots of detail – Clive showed women suits with print on.

(l-r) Thunderstorm, Ephymol, House of Ole, Lunar and Clive Rundle.
15. Caridgans - we have not seen the cardigan for a long time. It is making a come back. Especially since Michelle Obhama wore a cardigan when she met the Queen of England recently.
Ladies collections:

(l-r) Soda and Two.

Mens Collections:

(l-r) lEphymol, Loxion Kulca and House of Ole.

16. Knits should be much bigger in SA, maybe it will come through stronger next winter.

(l-r) Soda, Soda, Gideon and Loxion Kulca.

17. There is a lot of focus on comfort and luxury – consumers want to feel comfortable and luxurious in their designer garment.

(l-r) Blasoen, Lunar, Black Coffee, Colleen Eitzen and Gideon.

18. Black is still playing in the A team.

(l-r) Lunar, Clive Rundle, RjKay Creations, Narain Samy, Soda, Soul Child, Two and Tiaan Nagel.

19. Emphasis on bigger shoulders – more detail in the shoulder design.

(l-r) Clive Rundle, Gideon, Black Coffee, Amanda Laird Cherry, Soul Child and Loxion Kulca.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Xmas Saturday's in Braamfontein

Three Design Studios & One Restaurant invite you to X-mas Saturday´s in Braamfontein.

Sat 05.12 from 10:00 - 14:00.

X Store - Concept store with international design products & x-mas accessories, at CO-OP.

From the collection DECEMBER ESCAPES ME by GUILLOTINE (showing in the willowlamp showroom).

willowlamps - winding down.

Narina Trogon - The Restaurant offers a Brunch and Lunch menue and a bamboo garden.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SAFW Winter Designers - Clive Rundle

Clive Rundle
Clive Rundle
Brief Biography:
Clive Rundle’s fashion and design brand is renowned for its uncanny design aesthetic. It achieves this through an intelligence which both strengthens the individual’s free expression within the group and lends the individual the group’s power. Like a breath-filled organism that sensitively expands and contracts in response to its environment, his fashion artefacts not only mediate relationships between their architects but express a shared sense of themselves and of their dividual personhood. Some describe his work as architecture in motion, some say it embraces chaos. Others maintain it reconciles the unimaginable with the imaginable, the ugly with the beautiful and makes the mundane fantastic. Clive himself describes his brand like a tree in a global forest, revealing humanity’s interconnectedness.
Winter 2010:
A Lesbian Wedding with an Italian grandmother’s washing instruction attached: only wear quality fabric, always keep your heels in good repair, rather than a variety of clothes made from cheap fabric, invest in fewer quality pieces you can interchange, protect your clothes with an apron if you work in them.
Key Words:
Take away
Not a lesbian in sight
Clive Rundle store, Shop 12, The Firs, Rosebank, Johannesburg.