Thursday, December 3, 2009

SAFW Winter Designers - Clive Rundle

Clive Rundle
Clive Rundle
Brief Biography:
Clive Rundle’s fashion and design brand is renowned for its uncanny design aesthetic. It achieves this through an intelligence which both strengthens the individual’s free expression within the group and lends the individual the group’s power. Like a breath-filled organism that sensitively expands and contracts in response to its environment, his fashion artefacts not only mediate relationships between their architects but express a shared sense of themselves and of their dividual personhood. Some describe his work as architecture in motion, some say it embraces chaos. Others maintain it reconciles the unimaginable with the imaginable, the ugly with the beautiful and makes the mundane fantastic. Clive himself describes his brand like a tree in a global forest, revealing humanity’s interconnectedness.
Winter 2010:
A Lesbian Wedding with an Italian grandmother’s washing instruction attached: only wear quality fabric, always keep your heels in good repair, rather than a variety of clothes made from cheap fabric, invest in fewer quality pieces you can interchange, protect your clothes with an apron if you work in them.
Key Words:
Take away
Not a lesbian in sight
Clive Rundle store, Shop 12, The Firs, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

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