Tuesday, March 9, 2010

View from the Riser - My lowdown on NYFW continues

by Milisuthando Bongela, Fashion Journalist

Having back stage access is second only to being on the front row. I’m willing to state that as a fact. The always-coveted All Access badge twice landed around my neck and I’m still not sure how but I got to go behind the scenes at what were to be my two favourite shows, Rag and Bone and Charlotte Ronson and I also got a pass to Chado Ralph Rucci. I can’t imagine how it would have been if I’d been around to see backstage at shows like Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta and Michael Kors. Backstage is usually where the limited access pre-show party happens because there’s food, drinks and half-naked beautiful people being beautiful. It’s not very different from backstage at say SAFW…it’s just a little more fabulous when you’re a few centimetres from Andre Leon Talley or Sasha Pivovarova.

I was too nervous to go around taking pictures of hair and make-artists that I’d seen on an E True Hollywood Story or on The Style Network so I just stood and watched them work. I did get lots of snaps of Sasha though, she’s one of my favourite models and I just couldn’t help but act like those people who take their camera phones out when they see a celebrity.

The models usually listen to ipods and smoke while the stylist work on them and I find it fascinating how the different H&M artists are able to do the exact same styles on each and every girl. The H&M is usually done before the girls do their show run-through, which is usually an hour or so before the show starts. I got to see the designers and models being interviewed by Fashion TV and other TV stations and I looked for some last minute frantic sewing but I was disappointed to see the clothes arriving in sealed boxes, ready for the show.

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