Saturday, March 27, 2010

[Good Evening, Summer]

Well hello there :)
Back again, I promised, with updates on the last 3 shows for a fine, hot, evening in the over-lit Jozi.
Dude, when I mean hot, I mean hot.
The next 3 shows saw designers like Two, Chimera, RjKay Creations, Karen Monk Klijnstra, Gugulam and Loxion Kulca by Ole Ledimo.

First up were the sisters Gina and Caren Waldman. And might I add, was I glad to see some swimwear. I begun to think that people didn't swim in the summer anymore. Gold bikini's, bold and out there. Sexy enough to make you look like you're 'foreign', exotic and definitely something that just walked off the beach in Cannes. The girls brought in that juxtaposition between Beige and Cream, that dark secret-bearing grey and light baby pink.
(My darling mother calls it Nipple pink - I can't help but find more appropriate words)
- By the way, if the adjectives are getting too much, just shout, I'll try better the matter.
Comfortable material was used so that it stretched easily when you walked. Material was left cut as-is and it brought in this ragged chic look against the solid colours. Colours were somewhat industrial and clothing was left to breathe.
Two reinstated simple, yet affective, minimalism.

Chimera showed me 2 awesome knew things: one being that of the many faces the colour purple possesses and 2, the beauty of folds - a lot of them.
Designer Bekky Beukes looked at using more than just one belt and how 3 of the same thin belt can be used around a waist. Her clothing was loose and comfortable with the every now and then coat or jacket to shield those sudden summer gusts. There was the use of thinly pressed/creased fabric to create this throw of shear comfort and a hoodie that just falls into place. I liked her use of high-fastened boots and overlapping layers and folds so as to create that cheeky summer evening look. There was also the use of beads in this one dress where they were hung on strands, hundreds just moving with the dress. It was here where I remembered Edelkoort's reference to rain and as the model walked, with the sound of swooshing as the beads brushed one another, I remembered those beaded curtains that are used in doorways and the sound they made when people brushed past them. It was like hearing a rain stick again :)

The 20h00 show saw designer Gugu Mlambo Msomi revive the beauty and shear erotica that the colour red possesses.
Sjoe, that did sound a 'lil steamy didn't it? Don't get any ideas now...
Anyways, moving on..
Gugu's rich range revived a sense of soul in fashion. With the aid of her roots and the insight into what women really want, Gugu created outfits that screamed sex appeal and helped represent the 'woman of our time' - as she puts it.
Her materials danced as the model's walked and her skirts and one piece dresses screamed Proudly bold and proudly woman.
(insert re-enactment of scenes from 'First Wives Club' here)
She had a skirt that looked like it came into contact with Edward Scissorhands and was then left, complete flirtatious cheek intact. She hit us with a bright, arrogant red dress that against the white ramp made the people behind me ghasp - seriously I like totally heard them, no jokes.
Her range screamed summer and her dresses licked the models' ankles.

Karen Monk Klijnstra
I'll give you R100 if you can say that 5 times over fast.
- Ok maybe not.
Lemme just put this into perspective what happened first. I heard Rapper Jack Parow in the background and thinking no-one saw, rapped along, in Afrikaans, when bam!
South African Flag Jacket baby! Black shiny Lycra pants and a jacket that was the national flag.
I was thinking,
'Feels damn awesome to be South African'
And that's exactly what Karen wanted you to say - well more or less along the same lines. Her range encompassed the word cheeky, and played around with the fun that summer actually brings. The nostalgia of looking through photos of you and your friends skinny dipping or the time you got sunburnt on the beach in Cape Town - wait a second, that sounds awfully familiar....Mhmmm
The range was flamboyant and exuberant. Using vivid colours of all kinds, she reminded us that summer is colourful too. So colourful in fact, that one thinks of fresh summer fruits and rain forest toucans and the exotic reef fish you saw snorkeling once (or in the tank at the dentist).
In Edelkoort's words 'tropical fishes are floating canvases of modern art, waiting to be transformed into bathing suits, luxury beach bags and towels'.
I was reminded of the psychedelic madness that was the 60's and 70's, the album covers of Santana's Abraxas and the Beatles' Sgt Peppers. She used two tone dyed denim and placed colour right next to each other so sharply that you saw two tone Ying Yangs split down the middle.
Karen played around with patterns and even a shocking, tennis, ball yellow suit. High-five Karen!

RjKay Creations
Last of this show was the work from designers, Reggie Molamu and Paledi Segapo.
In the words of the boys, this collection 'refected attitude and a thrill with oestentatious silhouettes'. And with the range being named Untitled patterning and prints were used in a way that you sat awe struck wondering what to call it. They looked at green!
Finally! I missed this colour.
African patterns and textiles brought in Edelkoort's inspiration from patterns in the sand left after the flow of tides. The boys brought back blue in its innocence and the use of dots. Not polks dots but small white dots on a white dress - not seen from far but admired from close up.
They revived netting under the layers of dresses and the models looked like Ballerina's.
And finally, men's wear! From low cuts trousers, to shorts to shirts, Rjkay made men look elegantly masculine.
Shear ethno-chic boys :)

Loxion Kulca
Loxion Kulca never ceases to bring alive the African, tribal roots that have influenced fashion. Always confidently changing and adjusting, this summer range had attitude! The last show for Day 2 started with zulu warriors coming in, DIY backpacks and cultural bangles and jewellery. Except with the cheek of wearing all star takkies! Loxion style!
Young and fresh designers Ole Ledimo and Wandi Nzimande revived kitch leopards and the 80's disco colours. Anything casual, hip or funky was right in front of you.
And if funky isn't for you, they brought in industrial, raw overalls that screamed attitude and originality.
The range succeeded in bringing back that party vibe of going out at night or in the day, proudly representing your country and the spirit of being African - no matter your history.
I felt pretty proud.

Last day today, back after 2

Paris B

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