Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just like every story needs a beginning, so does the magician his introduction.
I'm not the magician however.
Just a teen growing up in e'mam Jozi.
And because I have, just like every other teen up here, I understand the city
- correction-
we understand the city.
So it's not wonder that by bringing us an event so close to its heart
- SA Fashion Week Summer Collections (25 - 27 March) -
we understand the city's beauty even more.
From it's 'Explosion in the sky' sunsets, to it's history-stained bulidings, the Chicken Licken round the corner and the constant hum of cars, feet and autumn air;
there's just no better city to host it in.

What sort of ramblin' is this you ask?
My name's Paris
(no, not like the Hilton - kinda leaning more towards the city)
and I'm a teen growing up in Jozi.
I'll be here over the next few days giving you the down-low on what's happening over here at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, JHB.
So swing by, there'll be pics, short summaries of the shows, hope-to-sound-ok insight and more rambling's worth reading for all you fashion junkies.
And if you're looking for some hot 'scandal' gossip,
then forgive me but I must point out that you are on the wrong website.

For those who are sadly missing it this year... this one's for you.

Au Revoir for now,
Amanda Laird Cherry next :)
Back in a bit.

Paris B

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