Monday, November 16, 2009

Take Seven - Nine Takes, The Fashion Fusion Project

“Our interest is a beautiful garment, something commercially produced, ready to wear and affordable, but with designer touches, lovely fabrics, interesting shapes and amazing graphic design. We work with a group of crafters, most with other jobs, who craft exclusively for us. We send down boxes and give them freedom for their own interpretation. We don’t like controlling the process. Every time a box comes back we get so excited, as we don’t tell them what we want. We only produce the design. It’s magic every time. How does it happen? The energy the crafters bring to the clothes is really important. It’s not so much about the look. It’s the energy. The fusion creates the impact.” - designers Caren and Gina Waldman – Two

“I learnt to craft from my parents, but actually it’s something that grew inside me. Later, I attended courses at the William Humphreys Art Gallery in Kimberley and seminars at Sanlam South African Fashion Week. I like crafting very much. Even at home I craft. I do it continuously. I can’t do without it; it’s like medicine. When I craft, I’m really at peace with myself. I don’t think about anything else. I concentrate on what I’m doing. Then the product is good, and the designer is impressed. Often, I may add to a design – we learn from each other.” - crafter Mary Shuping

Extract taken from nineTAKES – The Fashion Fusion Project, published by Channel F Publishing, R200. Available: or on 011 442 7812

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