Monday, November 9, 2009

Clive Rundle's Southwestern Townshipshirts

Some of the beaded townshipshirts.

Such an original!

All the shirts came packaged in Nando's takeaway boxes, they sponsored the yummy eats for the launch. Thanks Nando's!

What a sense of humour!

Felipe Mazibuko

Alinah Missouri

Clive's new store at The Firs, Rosebank

Anna-Mari Pretorius

Last week saw the launch of Clive Rundle’s collection of southwestern townshipshirts at his new store in Rosebank. Visit the new store at Shop 12, the Firs, corner Cradock and Biermann Avenue, Rosebank to view the latest collection.
What Clive says about southwestern townshipshirts:
“South + western + township + shirt looks at taking the white shirt hostage and presenting what a child might like to do with his school shirt and tie and mother’s blazers. Cut the tie in half, loop it, cut one of those blazers to shreds, add an adult touch and sneak out the house, knowing all hell is going to break loose. Mother will discover the extent of someone's scissor genius - but realize it’s in the name of style.”

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