Monday, November 9, 2009

My BlackBerry - my phone, my computer, my all

Do I own a camera……. no. It is such a relief because , like all gadgets these days, there is such peer pressure to have have the right camera ! Is your camera, the camera of the moment? Do you have the right lens? etc, etc, we all know the story. If you see something amazing the moment has gone by the time you have taken your camera out of your bag…… just to find my camera in my bag is a huge challenge.
On the other hand I love taking photos but really – I do not want to be a professional picture taker. So... my BlackBerry is also my full time camera.
It takes the most beautiful pictures – and because it is always with me I am never running around looking for my camera.
Just look at the pictures I took in Graaf Reinet during the World Mohair Summit…… well it was from the Helicopter – views of the Valley of Desolation.
What an inspirational trip this was.

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