Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Take Six - Nine Takes, The Fashion Fusion Project

“You have to think in a specific way and within the crafter’s abilities, which might seem limiting but in fact stretches the imagination. It’s about innovation. Their aesthetic and creativity lie in a methodical, repetitive and meditative process. We look at a crafter’s range, choose what we like, and edit from there. There is something about a hand-made process that adds personality. A dress can be very fl at but craft gives a garment depth, so we use repetitive shapes effectively as embellishment. Although beading is over-exposed, we chose it and tried to make it new. We love buttons, which the beaders work so well with. So we developed a button-like motif. It’s challenging to think differently and make it relevant to our brand. I’ve yet to meet an unhappy crafter.” – designers Daniça Lepan and Jacques van der Watt – designer Black Coffee

“I taught myself to crochet and started making scarves and gloves. Now I crochet all sorts of clothes, pullovers and even dresses. I like making my designs. I have my own studio in Nelspruit. I know my work and what it is worth. For Sanlam South African Fashion Week, I made accessories.” - crafter Lettie Mashabane
Extract taken from nineTAKES – The Fashion Fusion Project, published by Channel F Publishing, R200. Available: or on 011 442 7812

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