Friday, July 24, 2009

Take One - Nine Takes, The Fashion Fusion Project

“I had no previous experience of working with crafters so it took some time for me to integrate myself into the programme. I liked their own work and as I had no preconceived ideas, I decided to work with their existing skills instead of re-inventing their work at an early stage. I am happy to have done this, as I believe that it created the right introduction. The crafters focus on icons, one of them being the angel, which I decided to adopt along with some of my own icons such as the strelitzia. They worked with crochet thread, which is a little heavier than embroidery thread and I decided to leave as is. The final product was spontaneous and beautiful and I encouraged them to embroider their names alongside their work. This season I plan to use more refined and different techniques whereby they work on softer fabric with softer thread and delicate beads.” – designer Colleen Eitzen

“I learnt to embroider in Cape Town from some ladies who came from overseas. They gave me lessons and a certificate afterwards. For Colleen I made the red hearts which I did straight on the big white dresses. She gave me a drawing, which I applied. I also made angels for the bags. I knew that through Sanlam South African Fashion Week many people would see my work. When I saw the first fashion show, while at a seminar, I loved the way the lights came on with the models. I had not seen that on TV.” – crafter
Ndileka Mapuma

Extract taken from nineTAKES – The Fashion Fusion Project, published by Channel F Publishing, R200. Available: or on 011 442 7812

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